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Bindhi Rajagopal - Bindhi Art Gallery


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Bindhi Rajagopal

My life has been a journey of exploration identifying and experiencing the energies that are present in and around us. Painting arts with love, dedication, and passion have been my tools for becoming aware and expressing these energies and now I am in a position to comment on my process. I experience life as a spectrum of energy from essence through to the visible and tangible world of things, people and culture. As a painter, I allow my creative side to have free rein to express this life energy as I am living it in the moments, whether I paint forms or non-objective abstraction is a matter left to my creative impulse. Ring of Constellations, Transformation Buddha, Branchless Nest, Black Forest are some of the works which were satisfying to my mind. If I am painting outdoors in nature, I will likely paint the landscape, but I will also be expressing how I feel in that landscape. In this way, both the outer forms I see and my awareness of my inner experience of feelings and intuitions influence the painting. I am careful not to overload my experience with inner dialogue, as that would shift me out of the creative meditative zone. When I am working in my studio, I usually start from nothing in mind, which allows me to enter into the present moment from that place of infinite potential. I allow the painting to reveal itself, as I am swept along in the creative flow; in this way, I can experience life energy. My approach to painting has been shaped by my experience of thirty years with art starting from childhood. Every situation I encounter is affected by the awareness I choose to bring to it, for example, the thought might arise in me that I want the painting to look exciting, desirable and message conveying. Such a thought would be a distraction from the direct experience of painting and would diminish the expression. I let go of my thoughts and allow the creative flow to guide me. As I look at the outer world, I see what appears to be a solid reality. In my body, I connect what I see back to essence via my feelings and make the shift from something very dense to something very energetic and alive. Inside I tap into energetic beings and make the conversion between the relative world and the absolute; I bring the gap and paint. Later in 2010, my interest in art was to explore architectural space with light and shadows. My first installation art was “shadows speak for you” which was done with light and shadow in a dark room. Another installation was “I want to fly like a bird”-2014 reflecting on my educational experiences, I appreciate the immeasurable impact that teachers make on the lives of young people. I also realize that the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom will be used by young people throughout life. Therefore, as a professor, I hope to be a role model that cultivates in young people, open mind, the knowledge and the ability to look at the world critically, and the belief in one’s capacity to make a positive contribution to society.


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Bindhi Ramachandran, (born February 10th, 1973) is an Indian Artist, from Kerala state. She is known as Artist Bindhi Rajagopal after her marriage in 1996 she got married to K.R Rajagopal and she has 2 daughters. Elder daughter is Souparnika Rajagopal and younger daughter is Malavika Rajagopal. She belongs to Nanjanadu Shiva Velala Pillai Hindu Puthen Veedu family whose ancestor is from Tamilnadu, but she was born and brought up in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala her father P.R.Chandran was an accountant working in a private firm in Kochi and mother Shoba Rani was a teacher. bindhi has a brother and his name is Arjun Ramachandran


She did her lower grade schooling from Bharatha Vidhya Bhavan and got her higher grade10th matriculation from Govt. Girls High School. Ernakulam and joined from pre-degree from Maharajas College. In 1991, she joined R.L.V College of Fine Arts for a 5year course, National Diploma in fine arts which were equivalent to a degree. She was a regular and hardworking student. In-between, she was married to K R.Rajagopal in the year 1996 and she passed out with high distinction for the subject painting, from R.L.V College of Fine Arts Job as faculty in school and college


In 1996 joined as an Art teacher at Gregorian Public School, Maradu. She became experienced handling students from kinder garden to plus two as an art teacher and worked there for 16 years. By the time, she was growing as a reputed artist in Kerala participating in art exhibitions and art camps producing good and creative artworks. In 2010, she received one award for her painting, Ring of Constellations from Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, which was a reason that she was invited to teach in a private college. She was invited to teach in architecture college as full-time faculty after receiving the In 2013, she joined as an assistant lecturer in a private architecture college which was run by Architect B R Ajit which was affiliated to M G University. In 2014, she was promoted as an assistant professor and 2016 as an associate professor considering her experience of 20 years as teaching faculty, her name, and fame as an artist. Now, at present, she is continuing as an associate professor at Asian School of Architecture and Design Innovations. Career as an Artist : Regarded as one of the leading Artists of Kerala, she has won two awards in 2010 and 2014. She has her own Art Gallery in Kerala called "Bindhi Art Gallery.
Exploration & Artworks

Exploration in Art

Bindhi has stated that the thought of making art wasn't much of a hobby, it was a certain kind of feeling that she used to feel where she has a strong desire to store memories which are mixed with her emotions. Her father used to be an artist himself, she believes that her father has a part in her interest in art. At her young age, she didn't have entertainments like T.V or mobiles; she believes this was one of the reasons that attracted her towards the idea of art. Her father used to take her to temples around her locality where he used to make floral arrangements as a part of the Onam tradition. For her, she imitated whatever her father did which improved her skills. Daily, she used to play with her friends by making drawings on the sand, this too was something that she loved to do and which also improved her drawing ability. What's special about her paintings is that she thought that a picture that is copied isn't an art that anyone will note, so she created art of her creation. When painting a picture she senses certain energy within herself in which her feelings are imprinted. Most of her works are either abstract or contemporary. She feels that painting a tree doesn't give the painting much of a story but when an abstract painting is painted it takes the observer to take his time observing while creating a story for the painting which is his Invention that Elaborated the Art World. There have been many artists that elaborated on the methods of painting to date like Edward Ruscha who experimented with a range of materials including gunpowder, vinyl, blood, red wine, etc. Bindhi Rajagopal has used Cotton Waste as texture, natural elements like a leaf, flowers, insects, etc, from nature as a medium. Her art was a unique art, which is art developed from the existing art in the world after the modern period. It can be a concept or contemporary.

Honourable Artworks

Since there are 1000+ artworks we are mentioning a few honourable ones : 2010 - Ring of Constellation | 2011 - Branch-less Nest | 2012 - Transformation Buddha | 2012 - Coming of Cochin Metro | 2013 - Black Forest | 2009 - Shadows Speak For You | 2014 - I Want To Fly Like Bird | 2015- I Am Wild | 2016 – Nature Speaks | 2017 - 10 commandments | 2019 – The Vision of Da Vinci.
Awards and reputed international participation
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News & Media

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Kalathil Velayudhan Krishnan Nair Rd, Pallimukku, Kochi, India

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